About Us

Now that we have you on this page, let me ask you a quick question. When you first think of mobile marketing what do you think of? I’m pretty sure the following things pop into your head... Awesome, I need it, Not Expensive, and How on earth do I get started with something like that? Well, we actually completely agree with you... 

Until AZMobileMarketing.ca was launched, mobile marketing was pretty much just a dream to most people in GTA.

At the same time all of us  also had a dream of our own... We dreamed of creating a very simple, straight to the point, mobile marketing service that would change everything. 

... And that’s the exactly what we did with AZMobileMarketing.ca

Finally there is a place where everyone and anyone can easily start up their own mobile marketing. 

Our mission is to help as many businesses, brands, and people get started with mobile marketing as quick as possible.

C'mon, we all know that mobile is the future... Now you can finally stay on top of the big wave and not get washed away!  Our team has combined experience of more than 30+ years in Digital Marketing including 10 years in Mobile Marketing. 

We help businesses with every type of Mobile Marketing including Mobile websites and Mobile Apps.